The health of a man is dependent on many different factors just like all other human beings, but the hormone testosterone is what makes a man different. When the levels of this valuable hormone fall below a certain level, you have a health condition that every man gets and it is called andropause. In women, menopause causes their bodies to produce less estrogen. For men, the hormone in question is obviously different and so are the symptoms of low testosterone levels. Programs like the testosterone xl protocol aim to use natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy, which would be your other option.

You may be thinking that it is natural for a man to stop producing so much testosterone. To a certain extent, this is true. After the peak of testosterone in puberty, the levels do naturally drop to what you could consider a maintenance level. If your testosterone stayed too high for too long, that would cause other health problems. The body is self-regulating. However, when the hormone levels fall below the healthy maintenance level, then all the symptoms start and you just don’t feel like a man as much anymore. The weakness and depression alone are enough to make you lose control. Ironically, increased stress is one of the symptoms and also one of the causes of low testosterone in men.

The first thing you need to do if you suspect you have low testosterone is to go to the doctor and have your hormone levels tested. You want to find out if your symptoms are being caused by another disorder. If the situation is low testosterone, there is good news. Several different options are available to restore normal levels of the hormone again. One of them is hormone replacement therapy and is very commonly used. The other methods are different in that they do not replace the hormone but instead give you ways to boost your body’s natural testosterone production.

Though hormone replacement therapy is definitely effective, it is not without risks. If it is possible to boost your hormone levels back to normal using methods like the testosterone xl protocol, then that is what you should try to do first. When you take hormones, your body stops producing them and you are dependent on supplemental testosterone for the rest of your life. It is very difficult to kick start natural hormone production after years of taking it by prescription.

testosterone xl protocol

A number of different lifestyle changes and alteration of the diet can help get your testosterone pumping again. There are also several herbs and other supplements which will help the situation. The most important thing is to educate yourself about the condition of low testosterone. Find out how it is more than just a sex hormone. Low levels are implicated in a variety of different diseases which could be easily prevented. After the age of 27, be sure to get your testosterone levels tested regularly. If you catch it soon enough, you will be able to turn the situation around.