One of the first things we all understand about German Shepherd is that they are large and very strong dogs. No matter what age you get them at, you will need to have the proper equipment to train them and keep them in line. Starting with the collar, you need to be sure you get a good fit due to the large size of this breed’s head. The collar is most important because that is where all the ID and vaccination tags will go in the event your dog gets lost. It is vital for them to have this information on them if they are ever found so they may be recovered.

Next, after getting a good fit for the collar, you want to make sure you find a good German Shepherd Harness which is appropriate to the stature of your dog and the nature of its species. Shepherds are prone to chasing all sorts of things, so you want to make sure you have a strong set-up to train and maintain their movements. The collar is really one of the most essential parts of the harness. It is what integrates the harness and helps keep from pulling too much on the neck, which could choke the dog. This is why the fit of the collar needs to be perfect for the harness. Here are some ways to tell if you will get a good fit for your dog.

Gently get together with your Shepherd and gently use a measuring tape to get around its neck. Work about half of the way between the back of the head and shoulder tops. Create a full loop and do the measurement a few times to make sure you get it right. Add about one inch to be sure the sizing will be correct and that it will fit properly with the harness. Collars are adjustable so it is easy to go to a smaller or larger size if and when needed. After all, dogs do tend to gain and lose weight much like people do and you would not want their comfort to suffer.

German Shepherd Harness

Most often emphasized in the literature is the fact that German Shepherds have heads which are considered to be of a unique shape. Their necks are larger than their heads and this makes it easy for them to get their collars off. Any collar has to be properly fitted or those dogs will find a way to slip out of them. If you use a thick collar with a very wide and strong buckle on it, this will make it harder for them to slip out of it. With the right German Shepherd Harness, there is no real worry about the collar slipping off because it is secured.

Pick the right type of collar for the right level of training. In addition to a choke collar and a standard collar, be sure you have a strong harness to match. It takes the whole system to train and maintain a strong German Shepherd.