Are you looking to add some more space to your PlayStation console? One of the things that you need to know about these consoles is that space is not always a premium. If you got the cheapest version of the console that is on the market right now, you probably have no more than 500 GB of hard disk space on your PS4. That may not have seemed too bad in the past, but we can tell you why 500 GB is most definitely not enough space these days. Here is a guide that will explain things:

When these consoles first game out, people still expected that most of the gaming files would be on CDs. And yes, you can still get physical copies of the games you are buying. But more people are starting to get these games online. It is easier to complete your order, as you do not even need to go into a store to get the game. You just buy it online and boom, the game is yours. But what happens is that ALL of the game files need to go on your hard drive, which can take up a good amount of space.

ps4 2tb hard drive

Many of the AAA games that are coming out can be anywhere from 30 GB to 80 GB. That is a huge amount of space. If you are the type who buys and keeps plenty of games, you are easily going to reach that 500 GB limit on your console. So what can you do? There are two options that you will have in this situation. You can either delete some of the games on your hard drive so you have more space for newer ones. Or you can go and get a ps4 2tb hard drive online.

We think that you should be looking to get the new hard drive. Why? Because it is going to get you the performance upgrade that you always wanted for your console. We think you are going to be very happy when you take a look at what you can get with the new hard drive. It is going to perform as well – or better – than the hard drive that you have in your console right now. And secondly, when you are getting the 2TB hard drive, you have a massive amount of space. It is four times as much as a regular 500 GB PS4 hard drive, which means you can put four times as many game files on there.

And you do not even have to get rid of the existing hard drive that you have on your console. You can always get an external hard drive, which means you would have the 1 or 2 TB from the external drive, and then you would still have the 500 GB that is on the PS4 hard drive. Surely when you have that much space, you can get any game you want and you can have them all ready to go on your hard drives.